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Risk Informed Fire Protection

You have decided who is the responsible person, and now the decision process passes to them.  The risk assessment identifies actions needed but you need to ensure the proposals will provide an acceptable level of risk informed fire protection – no more or less than needed.

We regularly visit properties where unscrupulous fire risk assessors recommend ‘over’ installation of measures.   Their assessment becomes a loss-leader for the sales of expensive fire alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting installations.  Cheaper, reasonable and practicable solutions providing acceptable fire risk protection were available.  Equally, the responsible person may ‘over’ install because of misinterpreting the guides.

Avoiding installation of proper measures is not an alternative.  The law can impose a fine of £5,000 for each omission identified.  In severe cases it could result in prison.  As the saying goes “a cheap fire risk assessment can be costly.”

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