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Holiday lets fire risk assessments

Fire! possibly the most fearsome shout anybody can make.

Panic, distress, fear are immediate responses.  The media and silver screen portray the incident as a ‘hero’ scenario.  You know the scene….

The hero enters a burning building to rescue the beautiful woman in distress.  We watch him fight his way past carefully choreographed wisps of smoke and flickering flames honing in on the woman’s cries.  He quickly finds her, effortlessly lifts her in his arms and turning he clearly sees the exit, soon to emerge to the relieved crowd.  For his efforts, only the smear of soot on his cheek and the shimmer of sweat on his brow. 

So what should we believe?  Is it as bad as the reality media portrays or can we always rely on a hero to be around just when we need him?

The answer is No.  The law says No.  You, the property owner are responsible.  So are you a hero or a villain?

Consider your responsibilities as a holiday property letting owner

  • How do you provide fire protection to your visitors?
  • How do you avoid tragedy?
  • How do you avoid complacency?

If you would like a full, thorough and bespoke fire risk assessment undertaken on your holiday letting property why not make an enquiry with FireMaster.  All reports are bespoke (no tick box reports undetaken by us), come with no vested interest and are written in plan English with 12 months (reasonable) follow up advice thereafter.