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What is a fire strategy report?

Even with the specific requirements of legislation, it is ever more recognized that there is a need to ensure that appropriate and effective fire safety measures have been taken to ensure that the threat of fire is, as far as reasonably practicable, minimized and that any fire incident is suitably, and promptly, dealt with.  Most fire safety legislation has been introduced as the result of a major fire or fires that killed a large number of people. It is known as stable door legislation, (closing the door after the horse has bolted), because it is a response to an event that has already happened.  Furthermore, fire safety and protection standardization has become complex with a large number of Standards covering various specific areas of the subject. Combine this with special requirements of Insurers, and this could lead to a general “woolliness” in the specification and implementation of the various parts that make up the fire safety and protection arrangements being put into place. As a result these can be confused, ineffective and unnecessarily costly.

In view of this, it is recognized that, prior to undertaking new build projects, making alterations to a building, preparing fire system designs, or specifying fire prevention and management practices, an overriding document setting out the requirements would greatly assist. The document is often referred to as a fire strategy.

FireMaster’s fire strategy services:

FireMaster produces fire strategies for all building types; to include simple and complex reports for commercial and/or residential buildings.

The reports are bespoke and reference the appropriate paragraphs, notes, diagrams/figures and tables found within The Approved Document  B and/or BS9999 and/or BS9991 as appropriate for your project.

The fire strategy is intended for discussion between the design team and their client, so as to assist them to complete their project in compliance with Building Regulations – Part B (and in particular, to prevent the opportunity of expensive/disruptive remedial works) and thereafter for any future management team be able to readily meet their obligations as burdened upon them by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The design basis of each report will predominantly adopt a prescriptive approach utilising a single existing code and standard.  However, where appropriate, it will consider alternative ways of achieving compliance with the requirements.  In such circumstances it may use one publication to supplement another.”

The advantage of using such an approach is that:

  1. It provides a consistent approach and output.
  2. It is easier to assess and audit by the authorities.

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