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Fire risk assessment for blocks of flats

The considerations of a fire risk assessment for blocks of flats is likely to be quite different from that of other commercial properties.

Special consideration must be given to their date of build, their design and compartmentation.

Whilst these buildings appear to be relatively simple, there has been considerable confusion by both the authorities and of fire safety professionals with regard to their fire safety provisions and fire risk assessment for blocks of flats.

The over-provision and mis-appropriateness of the supply of fire extinguishers and installation of fire alarm systems is often found in such premises, whilst fire doors and the soundness and protection that is required of passive fire safety measures are overlooked.

Sometimes unscrupulous fire alarm and fire extinguisher companies can often be found eagerly selling products that are are not necessary and indeed not desirable to unaware and ill-informed residents.

For peace of mind always select a 3rd party and independent fire risk assessor for a fire risk assessment for block of flats.