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DIY Fire Risk Assessment

If you are going to carry out a DIY Fire Risk Assessment  look at the relevant information

  • For example, the suite of DCLG Fire Safety Guides, Fire Safety in Purpose Built Blocks of Flats Guide, Guides issued by your fire and rescue service.
  • Building Regulations Approved Document B version 1.
  • BS9991:2015

DIY fire risk assessments must:-

1. Ensure compliance to building controls when your premises were built
2. Include alterations, extensions, changes or conversions
3. Confirm authorisation of all works
     a. Involving removal of fire doors,
     b. Changes to 1st floor windows that prevent window escape (beware, window escape                       on its own is not permissible without compensatory measures; e.g. sprinklers.
     c. Removal of fire separation, especially to a staircase
     d. Extensions into an attic.

These matters might breach the Building Act 1984.

Beware of over or under application of fire protection!

remember the simplest of premises can sometimes become really quite complicated!