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Benefits from a professional fire risk assessment

Contact us for a professional fire risk assessment –

1Your guests safety – from fire and loss

2. Safety and peace of mind –YOUR peace of mind;

3Protection from client litigation – we live in a litigious society and people readily seek damages.  Compromise their safety and they may seek compensation – especially because of a fire.

4. Insurance pay out for Fire –some Insurance companies will want examine the preventative measures in place at the time to assess the liability they are culpable for.  A professional, and documented fire risk assessment, will help you make obvious to insurers that any risk to people from a fire –
     a. properly identified risk
     b. assessment of risks
     c. necessary fire safety measures applied to control the risk adequately.

5. Reputation and business continuity – it takes time to build a good reputation with its resulting rewards.  Safety and availability of your property is paramount in maximising letting returns.

6The law – ensure compliance with the law and ready for inspection should an ‘inspecting officer’ wish to view your property and question your fire risk provision.  (Extract from Fire Risk Management Journal April 2008 – Businesses without written fire risk assessments are at a far higher risk of prosecution for non-compliance than those with.  On average, guilty defendants are paying more than £7,000 in fines and costs.)

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